Hair Loss treatments



o strengthen weak and destroyed hair, HAIRLIFE CLINICS exclusively apply HairPure treatment against hair loss.

It is a treatment with natural extracts rich in nutritious ingredients which boost hair’s health and natural growth from its root. It simultaneously combats dandruff and greasiness.

HairPure products are imported only from Germany, are hypo allergic and are chosen according to client’s needs.

The treatment is combined with the application of Soft Laser, the most advanced scientific discovery in hair loss treatment.

A Laser shaft acts mechanically and improves the mini-circulation of the hairy part of the head triggering a diastole of the vassals and an increase of blood flow.

The results are spectacular. Soft Laser stimulates the root and improves the quality of the hair. In this way hair loss can be avoided.

The therapy is completed by hair care products which are given to each client according to the type of his skin and the type of the hair loss.