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HairLife Clinics is a hair specialist clinic, active in the area of hair restoration since 1990. It is the largest hair-transplant clinic in Cyprus and has the most experienced medical team; a medical team successfully utilizing all the latest scientific developments

The Company

HairLife Clinics Trichology Centers were founded in 1990 by Antonis and George Serdaris and Ioannis Chrysostomou and can be found in Nicosia and Limassol.
Our continuously developing services, completely harmonized with the latest scientific evolutions in hair restoration

Medical Team

The HairLife Clinics medical team consists of the most experienced surgeons in the field of hair transplantation. They are dedicated exclusively to the field of hair transplant, thus they have excellent knowledge of the subject. Along with specialized assistants and


At HairLife Clinics, results count and constitute our best guarantee for the best and natural results that can be achieved. Our experience in the field of hair transplantation gives us the confidence that we can guarantee in advance that you will be pleased by

Hair Transplant F.U.E.

For the first time in Cyprus! The most advanced treatment Hair Transplant World with Robotic Technology! Hair - hair, without scars and seams, quickly and painlessly. Natural Result, auto grafts count.

Hair transplantation is by far the most important achievement of plastic surgery for the permanent restoration of baldness. In essence, what we achieved in the intervention process is the transfer of grafts

Strengthening of weak, tired and fragile hair, but also to limit the dilution of the hair Trichologic Centers HairLife Clinics apply exclusively treating against HairPure baldness.

The HairLife Clinics offer non-medical hair restoration solutions. These solutions, known as “prosthetic hair” and is essentially recovery method baldness hair with additives that are placed by specific

The lush and manicured hair are an essential element in good appearance every woman. It is reasonable, therefore, to be more sensitive in view of the loss of their hair than men. Hair loss is not however genus.

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